Top Posts After 100,000 Views

As of this evening, our Atlantic Sewing Guild blog has surpassed 100,000 views! The graph below shows viewing stats at this time. Thank you to all our readers and writers in the past 8 years or so! at this milestone, I thought it’d be fun to have a look back at some of our most popular posts. It would be a nice moment of nostalgia to our long time readers, but also introduce content to those new to the blog that they might not know exist here.

Our first post was on Aug 1, 2012. Wow! Has it really been that long? I think it has as I don’t think state hackers care enough about our blog to get in an alter data like they have been with sites in the US. That post was something about a Free VERY Little Black Dress Pattern. I wrote that one, and sadly must admit I never got around to making it for anyone. Maybe I should make a resolution about something-ish regarding that next year, unlike the 379th and most recent post, A Resolution of Nothing-ish, which, by chance, I had also written.

Now, among all these posts, what has been most frequently accessed? From the table below, you can see the most frequently accessed posts (bolded) and pages, with stats on views for each. The posts are one time items about specific topics, like this post, that have prominence when first published, then disappear from the home page or “splash screen” as new content displaces it. Contrast that with the pages, which are linked via menu choices that are always visible (at top of site), containing frequently accessed information. As such, the pages tend to be viewed far more often, but not always so.

Title Views
Home page / Archives 18,536
Classes and Instruction 4,691
Machines and Dealers 3,882
About Us 2,860
Classes 2,701
Is There Any Real Value to Cutting Ties Cross Grain? 2,621
Free Patterns from 2,441
Can the Tim Horton’s Drink Marker Be Used to Mark Dark Fabric? 1,304
Challenges Issued 1,250
Some Fashion and Style Quotes 1,221
Which Threads Get Used Most and Least on a Serger? 1,074
Áo Dài Cheongsam Qípáo? 854
How to Draft Your Own Custom Victorian Corset Pattern 667
Lace Bobbins 502
Pattern Printing at Staples 458
Library 425
Links 415
More Aprons! 398

The table shown is not just a table, though. You can click on each title to see what it contains! And if you liked what you saw, look for some small text above the title. They are the names of “categories” into which the post had been classified, through which you can see other commonly categorized post by clicking on those categories. You can also click on the drop down menu at left on screen (near bottom on phone or tablet) to see all the categories, and posts associated with each. It’s a fun way to explore what’s on the site.

A search bar also exists at top right of the site to help you find content by word search, for when categories don’t suffice. And if you longed for specific years, you can look at the the Archives menu at left (on screen) and near bottom (on phone or tablet) to find posts from specific months and years.

As for the posts themselves, I won’t comment on them because I want you to have time to read some, not read my thoughts about them. The posts are lot more interesting, I promise! So go forth and read, and we hope you’ll like what you see enough to:

  • Come back for more; or
  • Subscribe to get an email when new posts are made; or
  • Go join our Facebook group, or
  • Join us!

Or maybe apply my life philosophy #2 – AND not OR.

Here’s to another decade of the blog and hundreds of thousands more views!


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