A Virtual AGM and Legitimate Election (Nov 2020 Meeting)

On November 12, 2020, the Atlantic Sewing Guild held its first virtual AGM, due to COVID-19 restrictions forbidding large gatherings. Despite not being able to meet in person, our spirits were not the least bit dampened, as shown by all the happy, smiling faces on the Zoom collage, and chatter and laughter heard. But we also got lots of “business” done, as usual.


New Executive

To start, the new Executive was introduced after the outgoing President ratified the vote done with email-in ballots. There were no objections, and it was fast and painless, unlike some other elections! We will introduce the executives to the rest of the world soon enough, in what should be a fun post, but in the meanwhile, the new Executive and current members would like to thank the outgoing executives, as well as ones staying on, for their tremendous volunteer work in the past year, from the usual business to the massive COVID-19 disruption and transition, to leave things in good hands for the new Executive to pick up and carry on. I, personally, as the new Communications Administrator, would like to directly thank Kathleen and LeeAnne, the members who had maintained this site and blog for the past handful of years. I know they put a lot of hard work into it and overcame some technical challenges they faced to triumph in the end! All the work done by all past executives was all very much appreciated, though!


Other AGM Matters

As part of all AGMs, a financial report had to be provided. Thank you to our Treasurer for the report that showed us to be in better standing than any economy at the moment. Finally, the June 2019 AGM Minutes were also presented. Both documents were approved without objection.


Guest Speaker

Despite all the AGM business, we kept lots of time to have a wonderful guest speaker in Leslie Hanes, owner and manager of Discovery Trekking Outfitters and Discovery Fabrics in Campbell River, BC. During her very informative talk, Leslie shared her vast knowledge regarding the technologies that are involved with her wide assortment of fabrics used for outer wear, swimwear, wicking fabric, etc. She explained her fabrics in terms of base layers, middle layers and outer layers through the lens of science and technology, and the fabric choices within each group. The science can be so technical that to ensure customers buy what they need rather than what they think they might need, or what she thinks they might need from some descriptions, Leslie will always take the time to ask customers for specifics on what activities they are planning to use the garment for which they are purchasing the fabric to confirm they buy the most appropriate choice for their exact needs.

Leslie also pointed out several other features on her company sites which potential customers might find useful:

  • While the costs are in yards, she ships in meters for Canadians. Ah, the benefits of being metric!
  • A discount code can be found on her company Facebook group, which also has lots of videos and tutorials describing sewing techniques of technical fabrics.
  • In her bricks and mortar store, one can also obtain custom made outerwear such as jackets, pants, vests made from Polartec Powershield, and Neoshell fabrics, along with Ultralight Fast-Dry Towels, ”hot flash” sleepwear, etc.
  • She also sells swim items for special needs persons on the site for her SOSecure line.

Leslie ended her talk with a Q&A where Guild members asked good questions about additional details useful for their needs and knowledge. Thank you so much, Leslie, for coming to talk to us and upping our knowledge on technical and performance fabrics and sewing techniques! Some of us will definitely be sewing garments with fabrics you sell and knowledge you shared!


SINning This Year

After Leslie’s talk, our Guild member Cindy reminded past members about, and introduced new members to, the infamous Sew It Now (aka SIN) group affiliated with the Guild. It’s the only place where you can “sin” and still end up on Santa’s Good List! Like the Guild, SIN is also now meeting via Zoom, but on the third Tuesday of each month. There, each member shows their make from the last month, and then makes a rash promise for a make to show at the next meeting, though “no one is held hostage to any promise”! Because of the virtual meeting, there is no additional cost to joining SIN this year, as the only cost to join SIN other years are for space rental for their meetings and sewing activities.


Social Sewing Session Successss!

Guild member Norma, who pioneered Social Sewing sessions via Zoom for Guild members to replace our cancelled Sea Side Sewing events in May and October, followed to report success! If having Norma book four more sessions over the month following, leading up to Christmas due to member demand isn’t success, what is? Sewists aren’t exactly sitting around twiddling their thumbs leading up to Christmas, you know! Well, they might be for some razzle dazzle sewing techniques, but it’d only be while they were sewing.


Sew & Tell

Despite not being able to meet in person, Guild member Reina was about to put together a slide deck of items members sewed recently and wanted to present to other Guild members. It wasn’t the same as seeing them in person, or getting photos in person to share with others like our blog’s readers, but they were nice nonetheless. Here are the photos of items shown. Please click on one to enlarge and use scrolling arrows provided with the gallery to flip through them.

For purposes of Zoom Sew & Tells, these slide decks are great and are the most practical. However, for future posts in the blog, we hope to be able to feature some members’ social media accounts and posts to give them some spotlighting, as well as curate photos in their natural habitat that are more conducive to embedding into a blog, like a few example below for Reina from her Instagram account. Guild members have been asked for this information. What do you say? You in?


Oldest Fabric Newest Challenge

After Sew & Tell, a sewing challenge issued last month was repeated for members, including new ones just joined (welcome!). The challenge was to make something from the oldest fabric you can autopsy, I mean identify, from your stash. Freudian typo there from a Hallowe’en challenge I was in! Results will be shown at the next meeting, and shown here from a post about the meeting.

The Guild plans to be issuing sewing challenges more often going forward so stay tuned for more ideas and challenges to come if you were looking for some, or just enjoy seeing what people come up with in response!


In Closing

The meeting ended with time for members to ask questions, whether about Guild matters in this time of transition, or other sewing related matters, and just to hang out virtually and chat. Members also suggested new things to try, aspects to improve, or complimented on what’s gone well. It’s not quite the same as social time during our regular in-person meeting when there were no COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s a pretty good outcome all things considered.

We look forward to seeing all members back for our December holiday Zoom meeting, where we are asking them to practice “everyday exuberance” to dress for the season. If you were reading and were not a member, we hope you will consider joining us, with membership benefits and details being found here.


Oh, that website thing…

If you haven’t visited our site / blog in a while, and you may not have as we haven’t had a lot of new content to post in a while, you may have noticed the site has a different look and feel. We wanted to rebuild the site to function as a combination web brochure about the Guild, and blog about the Guild and other sewing related matters. To those ends, we have chosen this “magazine layout” by WordPress, with a “slideshow” banner to highlight some content, and lots of features in the menu bars at top, left, and bottom we hope you’ll take for a spin, especially that “Translate” feature at bottom centre. Pick a language, especially one very different looking from English, or one you know other than English, and see what happens!

We can’t control everything with the template, but we’ve fixed what we think we can to what settings we preferred. We hope you’ll like it, and please feel free to provide constructive feedback on anything you want about it. We will consider it and see what can be done in keeping with our objectives, and given the template’s technical limitations among its many great features.

Content will also be forthcoming regularly once again so if you haven’t subscribed by email, please consider doing so in one of the menus at left, or coming back once in a while. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, please also consider doing so (and note you need to answer two questions to be approved,  set up for anti-spamming reasons).

We look forward to hearing from you and engaging with you and your sewing enthusiasm in the near future! 🙂


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