An Atlantic Sewing Guild Tale (Jun 2018 Meeting)

There once was a motley crew who shared profound interests.

They merrily met monthly in a seaside city to share their vast knowledge & to chat & to laugh.

Word spread far & wide about the good times being had by all.

Gradually the gaggle became larger & then Much Larger in number.

And soon the Interesting People were sharing very close quarters indeed, for the space had not expanded as their numbers had.  A special delegation was (not so) secretly empowered to expand their erstwhile horizons.

They persevered in their joyful meetings, close quarters though they endured.  And they discovered how valuable it was to catch knowledge & friendship by osmosis & by rubbing elbows with others of their ilk.

collage Group (5pics)

collage group (6)

During a particular gathering of Powerful Ilk, one of this band of Wise Ones stepped forward to relay stories of her journey to create a tome for all Sewing Kind.Barb1

Barb2Her odyssey was roundly received and lauded as virtuous & just. Tomes were inscribed and hereafter to become part of true history & lore.

Mighty powers gathered in this small nexus as their leader, aided by gesticulating hands of many, then called forth all to share their most recent quests & victories.
Lorna bring me your makescollage hands

And Lo the call was answered.  Mightily.

collage Reina
collage S&T (6)
collage Cristina

Scribe of the Band dutifully recorded all for posterity.
Sheila notes

Concluding the Gathering, a Noble Challenge was issued for all to henceforth dare their hand by the month of October.
LeeAnne announcing

The intrepid delegation which had been sent forth far & wide to seek a more commodious magical place achieved their task.
And from this time forth, the new locus shall be so.


Please join the Atlantic Sewing Guild next meeting
Thursday, September 13, 2018
come early to register (~6:30 for 7:00)
Trinity Anglican Church Hall
321 Main Avenue,

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