Refashion Class


With Lorna McKillip & Angela Gladwin

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 6-8pm shopping
SATURDAY, MARCH 24 10am-4pm sewing








This class is an introduction to refashioning clothing, using pieces purchased on the shopping trip to Value Village (Bayers Lake location) or pieces from your own closet (your husband’s, your kids – whatever). You will need to bring a measuring tape and know your own basic measurements. The shopping trip is to help you find useful materials, understand what the possibilities may be for refashioning a piece or several pieces of clothing and/or other textiles into a garment. We will talk about where to find raw materials, what you can do with them and help you start to visualize various ways of combining them. This shopping trip is optional and set a couple of days ahead of time so that you will have time to launder and iron the items and perhaps even do some preliminary work on them if you know what you want to do on the sewing day. You may decide to just bring some items you already own as your raw material and that is okay as well. Our sewing day will be when you create your unique garment, with the help and advice of two people who have some experience with this type of sewing and creating! Prior to our shopping trip, we will provide you with some references to look at which may help develop ideas as to what you would like to accomplish. We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind garment for yourself that you will be proud to wear!

For further information, please see: ASG Classes page


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