We Have a Sewing Headliner December 12

Natural Resource & Dynamo

Barbara Emodi is one of Atlantic Sewing Guild’s multi-talented resources.  She is a sewing dynamo, teacher and popular blogger.  Over the years we have been interested Show & Tell witnesses of Barb’s tracks to various sewing permutations & combinations.  Barbara has taught sewing in Canada, Australia & the U.S..  She has written extensively for magazines (see Barb in Threads magazine and the Australian “Dressmaking with Stitches”) as well as on her instructional & often hilarious site https://sewingontheedge.blogspot.ca/ .  Hard to believe that she finds time to be accomplished in the (Muggle) non-sewing world as well!

Recently Barbara has been doing deep research on fitting methods and on December 12 will share a different way of fitting.  She will present some of the first principles of altering a pattern to fit and will introduce divergent approaches to fitting – all of them effective, each suited to a different type of sewist.  You’ve paid attention to many fitting methods over the years so it will be interesting to hear some of the whys & wherefores – & perhaps why we can merrily ignore things we’ve thought are musts!

We are pleased that Barb will present her latest ideas & theories at the ASG meeting on December 12, 2017, especially considering how busy she must be with her first book coming up for publication in May/18.  Link to pre-order Sew…The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge or Pre-order here: King’s Co-Op Bookstore to support your local independent book store (with 5% discount or higher if more than 3 of us order;  will be personally delivered by Kathleen).

p.s.  Just guess who the StyleArc Barb pants pattern is named after!  If you guessed Barbara Emodi, you’d be right – come to hear her speak at the next Atlantic Sewing Guild meeting.

TUESDAY, December 12, 2017, 7PM
the campbell centre (BEHIND ST. AGNES CHURCH)


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