Did You Miss Us? We Missed You, Too!

As we approach our first meeting after the summer hiatus, your Atlantic Sewing Guild Executive is getting very excited about new plans for the new season.  We’ve all missed your sewing camaraderie and look forward to getting together on September 12.  Look for an email from us shortly.

To tide you through these next few difficult anticipatory days, we thought you might like to visit some of the blogs we’ve been reading to keep us company as well as inspired:

From Karen LaDelpha, our Membership Coordinator:

Goodbye Valentino
Emily Hallman
Margot Berman (local Halifax creator!)

From Anita, our past Treasurer:

“fabric dictionary”
Curvy Sewing
Do it Better

From Bev D’Entremont, one of our two Librarians:

Lazy Girl
Sew Mama Sew (previously a blog & currently a facebook page)
Sewing Directory
Make It & Love It

From Marcia Swanston, one of our two Webmistresses:

Gayle Ortiz
Shams’ blog
Marcy Tilton for Everyday Creatives

From Kathleen Soares, the other Webmistress:

Our very own Barb Emodi (of course)
Rhonda never fails to inspire
Katie makes dresses
4 Ladies who blog together

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 7:00 PM.
The Monsignor John Campbell Centre, behind St. Agnes Church
corner of Mumford & Chebucto: 6903 MUMFORD RD., HALIFAX
enter Mumford Rd. driveway only


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