ASG Chillin’ in January (Jan 2017 Meeting)

Our January meeting

covered many items  (including heads & shoulders): notes for upcoming classes; a small challenge for next meeting (see below); Nancy showed us notable notions; Pat talked about intriguing feet and we enjoyed some interesting showing & telling.

Nancy presented a mind-boggling array of fascinating smalls & went on to interview Pat about feet

(note the great pin-cushion which originated as a teapot at VV)


Lorna is so resourceful.  Here are her husband’s mitts she made from a leather skirt remnant.  She wore a great vest created from the lining of a Lundstrom coat, while interviewing our youngest guest, Suzanne’s DD Leocadie, about her tiny, tiny sewing adventures.

And then Suzanne, wearing a fab party dress she dashed off (Butterick Gertie pattern), peaked into her bag-of-tricks & pulled out Sydney Swoon bags she made for herself & a lucky friend.

Few are as prodigious as our Edgar, who is producing The Shirt Wardrobe of Envy. One of his faves is McCall’s 6044.

When Minh isn’t showing us how to do shadow puppets, he’s got something else up his sleeve, such as a hidden credit card pocket with which he can wave his hand in the vicinity of a card reader to pay his bills.  Love our Nova Scotia tartan (did you know it was the first provincial tartan in Canada?) – always makes grand gifts!

Anyone for nesting(!) with Nancy & Pat- both showing Little’Uns clothes & quilts?

Our final treat for the night from Ingrid.  We sincerely wish for better photographic skills to showcase the fine craftsmanship of her stitched works of art.   Even with magnifying eyeglasses, most would not even accomplish the stitches, never mind the overall beauty of her oeuvre!

The Small Challenge for next meeting

Your soundtrack, should you choose to accept it:
Red red wine
Or maybe Dino’s Red Roses
Red Rose Tea

As someone we know is often not perfectly clear in her rambling & mental ring-around-the-rosies, the following is some attempt to clarify, if not further confuse (although from confusion, often sturdy oaks are born).
The challenge was suggested by a couple of our members & proposed by the executive.
/’red/ /’red//’red/, speaking phonetically: aka red.   This three letter word could be used as a starting point to ignite your creativity for a project to show at our next meeting on St. Valentine’s Day. The colour itself can be rendered in many shades & tones, from crimson, to Canadian flag red wave-it (who remembers the great debate 1963 & 1964?), to scarlet, to raspberry, to pink pink-power, to even burgundy.
And colours are just literal interpretations of our challenge.  How about using red as a jumping off point & doing the opposite?  Maybe green would be a better inspiration, as that is the opposite to red (i.e. a combo of blue & yellow, the other 2 primaries).  Or how about an anagram instead of an opposite?  The only one I could come up with is erd, which is an area of shifting sands in the Sahara, bringing us obviously to sandy thoughts – all those colours of sand around the world – black-grey-pink sands.  Or styles of clothing for the desert-?  Anyone seeing red yet?  What about styles from the ’70’s -Redd Foxx’s Sanford & Son, anyone? No? Then maybe movie style from the ’30’s Red Skelton style?

No rules img_2649-oh goody, read & red!
Ready?Fire! Aim! target-300x204


Next Atlantic Sewing Guild meeting is February 14 2017, 7:00pm at St. Theresa’s, Dublin St..  EXCITING NEWS IS COMING YOUR WAY


2 thoughts on “ASG Chillin’ in January (Jan 2017 Meeting)”

  1. Hello. How do I sign up to be in the sewing guild. When I registered for this blog I thought I would be notified of the meetings so I could register and attend. Looks like I missed the January meeting. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Helen Donaldson

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Greetings Helen! Sorry to have missed you for the January meeting. Please join us for our Valentine’s Day meeting at 7pm, in the basement meeting area of St. Theresa’s at the corner of Dublin & North Streets, Halifax. Suzanne is our membership co-ordinator and she will be looking out for you. In the interim, please visit us on facebook (, or you can contact us through We look forward to seeing you soon!


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