By Hand Through Generations



Note from Grandma Norma: Eila wanted to write her story out as she sewed, but we were a bit short of time, so Grandma suggested Siri. (Siri is Apple’s voice recognition software and it doesn’t always get it right, especially when it hears a new voice.) Eila was well aware of the Siri mistakes, but didn’t want to correct them because she thought they were funny! !

Hi my name is Eila and I am seven years old and this is my selling adventure. My grandmother brought her selling machine on this visit. First I did paper sewing on the sewing machine with only the needle it was fun! My brother is 4 and he can sew too, but not on the
We went to dress out and bought the fabric. My brother picked out the fabric for my mom and dad’s pillowcases and then I sewed the fabric. Farley picked out Mickey Mouse fabric for my dad and for my mom he picked out cakes and Holly. When we were showing the pillow cases we so a burrito and then pulled out the middle of the burrito. On the CMC I did French seams and regular seems! !!!
After we sewed pillowcases for our mom and dad I am sewing my own pair of pants that are turquoise.
the-pants-rearFirst we drew out the pattern of all the things we needed and then we sowed the fake pocket and the yolk. On January 3rd I am going to show my pants at school.

First we had to try them on to see if they fit. Even though they still had pansies (pins) in them.
Now I am doing the top stitching of my pants. I just sewed the elastic onto the waistband it was a zigzag stitch I had to do two rows of zigzag stitching. My grandma is going to help me so on the waistband. I don’t have much time left because I want to wear them to marry Poppins the play.
My grandmothers made her pants too and they are the same as mine and they’re almost finished.
And now I am selling the heaven (sewing the hem) together. I just sold the pockets on the back.
My grandma showed me how to erase magic pen I had to rub water onto the fabric where the magic pen was.


Editor’s note: Sew many Good Things in this story – Thank you Eila, and Norma for letting us share this special day.  I see that Norma taught how to sew straight lines, using lined paper; the burrito method; French seams; pattern transferring; fitting; top stitching and how to apply elastic, not to mention pride in hand work!  Good job, Ladies!  This is exactly what our community needs.


5 thoughts on “By Hand Through Generations”

  1. I love this story and hope she continues with her sewing (sowing/selling) adventures! She will remember sewing with her Grandmother all her life!


  2. Fantastic Eila and thank you Grandma Horne. Eila has seamstressing on both sides of the family but patience on the Horne side only😉😉 Great work Eila! XO from “The Other Grandma”


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