Sew and Tell (Oct 2016 Meeting)

Touching beats ordering on the net!


Marilyn is surely one of our most productive members.
She shows us the easy pattern top pattern she found
“somewhere in the ether”,
made up in flowered fabric from the Grandmothers’ Sale.
Lucky Sister will be the recipient of this Simplicity 1540 jacket
which features a 2-way zip & instructions that leave much to be desired.
Edgar had a great idea to customize one of his famous shirts.
There will be no spilly-hands cell phone pockets with his extra pocket placement under the standard pocket spot.
(excellent for when you need to take a bow)
Leanne points out Jalie Élénore 3461 pull-on jeans in which she was surprised to find a no-interface waistband which uses unstretched
1″  elastic that does the job well.
For this technique, the Sandra Betzina Power Sewing Book goes into good detail.

Pat’s student wanted a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress style for her graduation, which Pat translated in McCall’s 7085, a basic black woolen which has an extra lush touch of embroidery for the bottom edge.
Her grandson’s Hallowe’en policeman costume was very specially created from his mom’s old paramedic shirt as well as using the reflective tape from her uniform’s pants. The pants also yielded fabric for the hat, along with fake leather for the brim from
Nancy’s Wondrous Stash. (you see – there really is rhyme & reason for every bit of it)
Elizabeth and Nazirah inspect each others’ bowlie creations inspired by our last class where they learned the coiling technique from Brenda.
(it seems all The Creatives talk with their hands…)


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