In January, I wrote about the idea of an origami quilt. Basically, use a crease pattern or what the origami would be like if unfolded again to a square with fold marks.


These are available as vector files to scale as large as you like. Use one of these crease patterns to create pieces for a quilt. Quilt it together into a giant square quilt and fold it back to the origami.

You’d have to imagine what that might look like, but it might not be easy considering each shape would be a different colour, shade and/or pattern. However, last weekend, at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) Artist for a Day event, I had a chance to turn some paper making exercise they had into something to help you envision what I was envisioning. So here’s what a quilted crease pattern might look like

Pretend it’s a fabric quilt. Now fold it back into origami format again and you might get something like this.

And as an aside, if anybody ever comes across a cheap and large piece of tie dyed fabric, please let me know. I can turn it into a square like this…

And fold it into a totally different, free form flowing, different kind of origami after adding a little interfacing on the back for stiffness. 🙂

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