Monthly Spark – December 2015

Great meeting tonight with lots of members and a great speaker, fantastic show and tell garments and items, and fashion artist guest speaker in Gloria Drysdale. Pics will be coming!

For those who missed it, the Monthly Spark idea for December is to make something from one of your inspirational sewing sources, that you would actually wear or use, using what you already have in stash. It doesn’t have to be same as the image. It can be just a starting point. But just pick and do!

The suggestion came from our member, Kathleen.

In the rush of time due to a fabulous meeting running late, I goofed it a bit by shortening things in the announcement. I forgot the sewing it for yourself and from your stash bit.

So apologies to Kathleen, but a big thank you for the energizing idea!

If any of you (members or readers here) have ideas to spark people to think a bit outside their boxes, please do share. I’ll try to get them in “soon”. Just remember we have only one of these a month and I have a small stack already. 🙂

By chance, I did something like what Kathleen suggested last month with my bolero hoodie. Warning: don’t read unless you want to know my safe for work fantasy with this fantasy inducing garment, but fantasy nonetheless. I turned to Pinterest to fulfill two things I wanted to learn (hood & grommets). But if you were looking for some rather different projects than general sewing sites and magazines, I have a DIY Pinterest board for that. You’ll need to set up a free Pinterest account to access it, though.

Good luck! Have fun! And thanks again to Kathleen!

p.s. Somebodies were looking through stuff on our site yesterday! 469 views for a new daily maximum! 🙂


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