My Ao Dai

I showed this “ao dai” (ow-yai), the national garment of Viet Nam, at the last Guild meeting, without my model there, and before photos to submit into the Fabricville Inspire sewing contest. The photos are below of how my friend looked in it, some of which were submitted (limit of 5).

Here is what I’ll be competing against, with possibly more entries to come since you could technically snail-mail pictures in as late as last Fri, Nov 13th, so some entries might not yet have arrived. If you read this a long time from now (Nov 2015), that link might no longer be active pending how long Fabricville decides to leave up the photo gallery.

Interestingly, my entry had to fall into the category of “costumes”, as in Hallowe’en, traditional and ethnic. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed at their choice of words and grouping of garments, but I’ll leave it up to them to talk to Justin Trudeau about how it’s 2015. That’s a personal opinion, not an official opinion of the Guild, to be clear. 🙂

This is the first of many ao dai I plan to be designing over the years. It is an incredibly beautiful garment, and that is not a biased opinion from someone who comes from Viet Nam. Y’all go get or make one and see how good it’ll look on you! See video at the bottom. That suggestion to get an ao dai goes for the men, too, because the men also wear the ao dai! I won’t be making mine any time soon, though, much preferring to do funner and more creative designs for women.




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