Introducing the Monthly Spark

At the last Sewing Guild meeting, I introduced a quick new feature to our meetings to help give people ideas and/or inspiration with their sewing. It was called the Monthly Spark.

The Monthly Spark is a monthly idea that people can take up at any time, not necessarily for the month. Hopefully, it will often be a different way of thinking not typical to how people usually go planning or getting ideas for their sewing projects. Whatever the idea is, though, it will be easy enough to describe that a minute should be all it takes. It will also be general enough to be inclusive for all who sew, whether they take the idea as is, or put a spin on it for their liking.

October Monthly Spark

The Monthly Spark for October is to make a type of garment you’ve never made before, or a version of a garment quite different from any such garment you’ve ever made before. The former is easy to explain, like a cloak if you’ve never made a cloak before, or maybe a garment from another culture. The latter could be a style of dress quite different from any dress you had ever made in terms of how it’s put together, pieces to the pattern, how it’s worn, etc.

Each Month Spark idea will be announced at our monthly meeting, and shared here and on our Facebook Group for anyone interested.



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