Silicon Valley Fashion

Nerds aren’t generally known for their fashion or fashion tastes. However, the nerds of Silicon Valley aren’t exactly your stereotypical ones. For one thing, they’re quite successful and rich, and they’re generally pretty hip with their innovative thinking, workspace, work culture, open-mind, etc.

Well, now, you can add innovative fashion to it with emoji prints, anti-photobombing jackets, drones showing off fashion rather than models, glow in the dark stuff, and so on! Not to mention just good old form fitting stuff from breathable fabrics astronauts use in space.

Of course, being successful enough to afford that kind of materials helps if you ever wanted to make anything out of such materials.

See more on this great CNN article.

And yes, Silicon Valley did have its own fashion week!

Maybe that’s where my market is! Tech and fashion! Hmmm. Feels like it’s made for me. 🙂

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