How to Read a Sewing Pattern Resource

Faye wanted to share this useful post from the Sewing Loft blog on How to Read a Sewing Pattern

Thanks, Faye! Very useful indeed! Don’t tell the other members but I don’t actually know how to read a sewing pattern! 🙂

That’s what happens when you go generate or draw your own all the time, or stop and do things your own way the minute you hit a step you don’t like or approve of!


2 thoughts on “How to Read a Sewing Pattern Resource”

  1. Minh Have you heard of the National Sewing Circle? I’ve been getting a lot of emails from them lately. Tried to send you the link but it didn’t connect. They have videos, a lot of them on various sewing projects. It may be of interest to some Guild members but I don’t know a lot about them. Beverly

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    1. Hi Beverly, I have not heard of them. I will look them up later to see. I will also send you an email to reply to and see if that works for you.


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