Let’s Read an Online Draping Book Together!

Well, no. Maybe let’s not.

But I wanted to show you something in case you didn’t see comments made in the last post about the ASG online library I created on the issuu site platform. This is something very useful for any of you out there with your own blogs who might want to share online books, magazine and other documents on the issuu site with your readers.

Any book you find, you can just click on the “share” link after opening it to “read”. Grab the link to put into your blog, like below, and your readers can read it on your site! I can only verify this works on WordPress as this blog is on the WordPress platform, but I would bet it’d work the same way on other major blogging platforms.

For an example, I’ve chosen a book I’m interested in that I know some others are as well. At least one is taking a class on draping, which I wish I could be but I have a long trip in the middle of it so it’s not practical. Here’s one way I’ll be learning until the class is offered again and I can take it.

So click on the picture below to see how you can read the book online, even if you’re not interested cause it’s for the technological feature I’m blogging it here. Hit the ESC key if it goes full screen on you and you want to get back to normal screen usage.



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