Sewing Going Too

by Faye Morrison
(about a Guild event attended by some members)

Another wonderful  weekend of sewing.  We learned many new skillsets, helped each other by measuring, pinning, etc.  We all learned again how a seam ripper is a sewist’s best friend and how slow sewing really can be a stress reliever. I finally finished making my mannequin cover and it is a perfect fit.  The mannequin needs to be padded quite a bit more before it is usable, even if it took me almost two years to finish. I have attached some photos of how we learned to make pattern weights; cover washers that many of us have purchased from the auto parts store, and how to cover the base of wine goblets or other stemmed glasses for holiday or other seasonal times of the year as well as our matching décor or even all different bases, so you can identify your own glass.


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