After Minh mentioned Patch in the last blog entry I needed to drop in. It was easy to find parking on a side street. The shop is very nice and the rental machines were busy. Everyone was quite social.

I am a quilter, so all the fabric was attractive. Wonderful prints for sun dresses or shirts! However, the garment sewer in me liked the cotton/linen blends (perfect for shirts). And there were 5 or 6 bolts of knits. 2 were gorgeous thin and silky wool ($37?) and the others were cotton/bamboo ($19?). I bought a meter of the cotton/bamboo and brought it home to wash. Then I hung it out on the line.

And now… this is why you buy quality fabric and don’t mind paying more when quality counts.

That wet fabric is hanging on the line pinned on each end. There is no sag. The sides and bottom edges are hanging perfectly straight. When have you ever seen that in a wet knit? When I sew it up the garment will do the same, and the sewing process will be divine! Occasionally you need to do something nice for yourself. Good fabric will fill the bill!


One thought on “Patched!”

  1. I went there the day after you and was equally impressed with their selection. There are not oodles of bolts of fabric, but what there is, is quality goods. Very nice owner, and I’m thrilled she’s carrying indie patterns. I bought Sewaholic’s Robson trench coat, a pattern I’ve been eyeing for quite awhile. Having it right in front of me made it too tempting to resist!



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