The Shop Company Dress Forms and Mannequins

Fay W. of the Shop Company in New Jersey recently reached out to us to tell us about dress forms, mannequins, racks, display cases, among other fixtures and supplies they sell for sewing use, trade shows, displays and so on. They are “an online retailer that sells exceedingly competitively priced dress forms and mannequins”. They’ve worked primarily with shops in the past, but wanted to reach out to more sewers of the world and found us!

They also have a blog on topics related to products they sell.

I hope you will visit their site and see if what they have to offer is of interest to you and/or others you know. A link to their site and blog has been put in our site’s Links menu under Other Links.

Please note this is neither an endorsement nor review of The Shop Company and their products, merely an announcement to make our readers aware of a company selling products in which they may be interested.


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