Join “Little Dresses For Africa” for the “Sending Hope Conference”

Asked to be shared by Janet M, from Nancy Zieman’s blog (see link below). Little Dresses for Africa is something some of our members do. This is a more united and concerted effort.

Little Dresses for Africa is an amazing organization with an equally fascinating story. The brainchild of Rachel O’Neill, Little Dresses for Africa, is a nonprofit 501c3 Christian organization, which provides relief to children of Africa. Simple dresses are made out of pillowcases and distributed through the orphanages, churches, and schools in Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy! Reaching the milestone of providing TWO MILLION dresses to little girls, Rachel and other volunteers are organizing the first annual Sending Hope Conference August 8–9, 2014 in Shipshewana, IN. I’ll be joining the Little Dresses for Africa team for this special conference. –

See more on Nancy Zieman’s blog


6 thoughts on “Join “Little Dresses For Africa” for the “Sending Hope Conference””

  1. Does anyone know if this is started up again for 2016? i am cleaning out my mother’s sewing room and would love to make a bunch of dresses and shorts& tops for boys. I look forward to your replies. Mama Suz


    1. Hi, I don’t believe this is on any more in the Halifax-Dartmouth area. I cannot find anything related to it, only old content. Sorry about that. There is a site for this, though they don’t have a contact in Canada.

      Perhaps you could contact them and see if you can be a part of their cause somehow. We have charitable sewing projects this year but they are not clothing. Please email us at if you’d like to know more, and more about us. Thank you.


      1. HI Minh; thank you so much for your reply and searching for me. I attempted to contact Rock church as i understand they have an orphanage in africa that they are going to this year but have yet to have a response after my many attempts. I guess they are not interested. Yes i would love to know what other charitable sewing projects you have for this year. Maybe it is something that i can get involved in. Thank you; Suz


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