Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Sewn like pajama pants through the crotch, but with dress pant style pockets, no fly zipper, elastic waist band, these pants look sharper than dress pants for lack of folds, but are a million times easier to make and far sturdier! I only have a muslin for now, but I’m now willing to devote time to making dress pants cause they were too thankless for me otherwise with effort involved and lack of design deemed appropriate for professional settings. That’s not to say I’m not going to be making and maybe wearing stuff with jacquard prints, or white, or maybe even toile prints, lol! Definitely for casual wear, and I will have the sharpest pajama pants in a pretty big geographic radius, I imagine!

And hey, works just as well for women!

When something’s not good enough for you, invent something better! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

    1. Sure. There’ll be a ton of pants coming in the next year now that I can do them feasibly. Pretty much one for every dress shirt I’ll be making, even though it won’t be meant only to be worn with that dress shirt.

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