Retreat Reorganization

This event is now over and the post is only left on for future reference.

We are taking the sewing retreat to Plan B. Our newest guild member Margot has offered the use of her condo’s party room (Admiralty Place, 1 Prince St, Dartmouth). WooHooo!!!!! A Party room! What could be finer?

This room comes with space, tables, kitchen facilities, a big screen and an amazing view of the harbour. It also comes with no cost other than a cleaning fee. Sounds perfect!

Seven people are currently scheduled to attend from Thursday, March 27 to Sunday, March 30. The room is secure and we can work late if we like. I’ll bring the Guild supplies from the Halifax Christian Church. You can bring your own food or enjoy one of the many food outlets within a stone’s throw.

On Sunday the Seaspray Lace Guild will be joining us.  There’s quite an overlap with the ASG, so we should get along well.

We will have space for a few more participants. Join us for a day or more! Just contact me at (email removed with event over).


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