Last Christmas, I bought a bunch of “geek” beach towels as I needed to upgrade my rather old towel set. I figured I’d get something that had more colour and evoked a little joy for me rather than the bland old traditional bathroom towel sets. As you can see below, it’s quite an eye popping and fun towel set I have now.

Unfortunately for me, these things have proven just a tad too soft. They shed in a fine and slight manner when used that leaves a very fine, but noticeable, sprinkle of coloured dust in my bathroom. These things are anything but white, and my apartment bathroom is pretty much white like traditional bathrooms, so the coat is rather noticeable. It would not be if it were my bathroom to decorate, I assure you!

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I have decided I will no longer use these beach towels as towels, but for clothing as I had originally bought them for after making this Spiderman bath robe.

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I didn’t use the beach towels to make more bath robes because, really, how many does one really need unless one were to start living like Hugh Heffner? It’s not a bad idea, by any means, but not one practical to me! I had concerns about shirts made from beach towels, or pants, or pajamas. But now, pushed back this way, I’m considering making shirts out of the beach towels in the photos at the top. What I wan to know is if anyone had any concerns about shirts made from beach towels? Too warm? Static? Too rough if worn all day despite some short hard rubs on the body during drying off being no problem. I’m not concerned about the shedding because I’m not anticipating rubbing that much against anybody while wearing those shirts, lol. The bath robe above was lined with Bemberg lining serged in for durability. I wash it gently, even though I probably shouldn’t, but I’d line the shirts with shirting if I did, though that would make them warmer. I would make the shirts casual, obviously, not meant to be tucked in, and I’d make it with some solid colour towels to make sure there are some focus points rather than just being one full razzle dazzle of colour like that Spiderman bathrobe that’s not a bad thing, but may be of limited impact with a smaller canvas the shirts would allow, given I’m a petite person. I’m just concerned about wear practicality now. So anyone have any concerns? p.s. If you were thinking what I did when I got these beach towels for use, the answer is yes, I’ve long gotten over the though of rubbing superheroes all over my wet body every time I dried off after showering, lol.

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