‘What Goes in your Purse’ Class

People, the ‘What goes in your purse’ class approaches, and I have been working on samples and possibilities. I will be showing you how to make the purse organizer of my design. However, it is basically 3 panels that get joined together to make the little purse tote organizer. Two of these panels can be used to make a wallet if you prefer. I’ll show you how. Therefore I suggest you don’t need any patterns. The instructions I have created for the purse organizer should let you make your organizer in whatever style you like. I will email you a copy of the instructions and print you a copy as well. In return I would like a $5 donation for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers project.
Bring whatever you may want to accommodate in your organizer. Sunglasses? Phone? Pen? Lucky rabbit’s foot? I don’t want to know. Just think about your requirements.
I have given yardage requirements below, but any scraps that add up to that will probably do as well. I will bring interfacing with me. If you decide to use what I have, it will probably cost you about $3 for one type (Deco Fuse), or free for the lighter (but still good) type. A heavy interfacing is required – fusible is easiest. Bring whatever you have at home and see what you think, or get some from me. 
firm, tightly woven fabric for outer panels, 1/4 m (lightweight home dec, canvas, quilt cotton)
lining, thin but firmly woven (quilt cottons, China silk), about .5 m
1/4” double fold bias tape (1 1/4” bias strips if you cut your own) about 2 m
optional closure (magnetic snap, Velcro, button and loop)
minimum 7” zipper for inside pocket – longer works even better
heavy weight interfacing, preferably fusible
sewing kit
denim needle suggested – I’ll have some if you don’t



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