More Aprons!

Wow, has it been a month since there was a posting here? It has been, indeed, with the previous post not really counting because it was just a WordPress feature I wanted to share with our members and site visitors. I’ve been rather busy, distracted by “sexy” new adventures that have led me to cheat on my relationship with sewing even, like podpoi and proverbs writing. No worries, I’m neither gonna run away to join the circus nor become the proverbial wise guy to anybody. 🙂

In our second to last post of 2013, I wrote about cocktail aprons from a few pictures I had seen on Pinterest. I wrote it without much information besides the visuals, and people were quick to offer lots of great information. Members Kathleen and Faye gave me feedback, with the latter emailing it to me with very similar content to the comments left with that post. A visitor, PrettyCharlie, also left a load of very good information.

Thank you to you all! The post is actually worth a reread with all the comments if you hadn’t seen the comments already!

For this post, I want to talk about aprons of a different sort I saw flash by on my Facebook feed. These are retro style aprons that look a LOT more functional than the cocktail aprons I last wrote about. They’re beautiful as is, but even more so in my eyes with the geek theme put on them by Etsy seller Bambino Amore (which is quite the name!). Click on images to enlarge and scroll through gallery.

These designer aprons sure are beautiful, and they are artworks she sells. However, you can make your own retro apron with a pattern she sells, and design it to your liking! I don’t know how good the pattern is, of course, without having tried it, but I might in the future!

Bambino Amore isn’t the only geeky apron maker out there, though, while I’m on geeky aprons. The Darling Army shop also has some, though in my opinion, they’re not nearly as good as Bambino Amore’s. Just a note that the opinions I express are not necessarily those of the Guild. 🙂

Despite not being as much to my liking, Darling Army does cover MANY other fan bases not covered by Bambino Amore, though they had trouble with copyrights and brand confusion given how they pretty much have avoided all the geek franchise names. But hey, if you gotta have your franchise to geek out properly, you gotta have your franchise!


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