Why Don’t They Sell Jacquard Print Flannel?

I love working with flannel, and wearing it for pajamas. However, all the flannel I ever see are of garish patterns, or dull patterns like plaids. These are fine for some instances and some people, but I was just thinking…

How nice would it be to have jacquard flannel?

It surely can’t be difficult to print! You could even do it as one colour and a diluted form of itself, rather than the multitude of colours that regular flannel often comes in, that obviously can’t run to keep the pattern sharp.Yet, a search on Google images doesn’t turn up anything that looks even remotely like jacquard flannel!

Imagine how nice and classy pajamas could look if they were made from jacquard flannel!

Anybody know a fabric printing shop I could buy and make jacquard flannel? I bet I could sell lots of it! 🙂

Or if you ever see some, please point me to it! I’m going to have pajamas like very formal and classy dress shirts. Might as well make them from something that fits the cut and design!


3 thoughts on “Why Don’t They Sell Jacquard Print Flannel?”

  1. Hi Minh – Have you checked out Spoonflower? Not sure if they have flannel, but they do have many choices to print your own!


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