Notions of the Month

Oops! Wrote this and forgot to publish it. This last month’s notion.

The Nancy Zieman 5 in 1 Gauge – There is a video to show it’s many uses, of course. I like the sturdy locking cursor and the fact that the sliding cursor is wider than I was used to, and features an equally wide top ledge. The tool is 5/8″ wide, and each side of that tool is 1/4″. This make sit easy to check seam allowance. There are pin and pencil points for making arcs or circles. because of the wide cursor you can use it like a T-square and measure over and down – great for marking buttonholes. When you mark hems, the wide ledge makes it easy to mark accurate chalk lines.

The lowly dowel lives in my ironing tools drawer. I pull it out when I am pressing a seam and don’t want the seam edges to press marks onto the fabric. The seam drops away as the dowel does and your pressing is directed to the actual seam and nothing else. A dowel all fits into small places. Very handy. Any round stick will do.

Walmart has cheap pincushions that have needle sizes marked on the segments. When you remove a used needle with life still left in it, pop it here and you’ll know what the heck it was, 6 months down the road.


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