The FIRST Dress Shirt.

My secret sewing past!

I SERIOUSLY need a photographer when you see the photos in this post and recall the other crappy ones I took of myself and my garments!

I’ll try to organize one for Guild members this summer so you can have nice pics of you in your garments!

2 thoughts on “My FIRST Dress Shirt

  1. Hi Minh, I remembered you were looking for buttons for your dress shirts, at a reasonable price. A friend of mine that owned a tailor shop used to use this supplier, PacCana Enterprises Ltd. Check out their website, they are in Calgary and have been in business for over 30 years and also sell to the general public. Their prices are very good, you will see. I have their 2011 catalogue that I just found in my closet. They were selling 4 hole nylon shirt buttons in different sizes and colors/ the price for 100 was only $2.50. You could also say you are a member of a guild and they may give you free shipping, asking never hurts.
    Good luck and hope you had a great break during the holidays, hopefully some sewing took place!


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