Does Anyone Know Anything About Covet Fashion – The Game App for iPad & iPhone?

Sample Covet Fashion Design
Sample Covet Fashion Design

Update: LeeAnne has had a quick look and provided a few comments in case listed at the end of the post, so you may want to look at them before deciding if you want to have a look. Thanks to LeeAnne!

I happened across this free app for iPad and iPhone that looks like a nice little design game, called Covet Fashion version 2.7.1. However, I have neither an iPad nor iPhone to try it. Does anyone know anything about it? Or if you care to download and try, can you show me it sometime?

Supposedly, it’s a bit of a game because people vote on designs, though someone said hardly anyone votes. I can see that as it’s probably a pretty niche audience. However, if it’s anything like a real good version of Wild Ginger pattern design software in terms of designs (rather than patterns), I think I would LOVE it! That’s because the previews in Wild Ginger are absolutely horrible! Their user interface is, too!

But if Covet Fashion were anything like I think it might be, I could use it as a design preview before going to Wild Ginger for something close given all the style options available in Wild Ginger. At least the key thing is I’ll know what I’m wanting before I design it. In Wild Ginger, I’m not really sure what I’m getting by choosing certain options cause the preview is that bad.

I hope some of our iPad addicts can tell me. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know Anything About Covet Fashion – The Game App for iPad & iPhone?”

  1. Minh, I downloaded and had a very quick look at it. It seems that you create designs/looks by virtual shopping. They start you off with some $s and you put together an outfit/look by purchasing designer clothing, shoes, handbags. Also let’s you choose hair, make-up, etc. There are different ways to earn shopping dollars, one of which is having others vote for your outfit. Don’t think you actually get to design the clothes and accessories. I only spent a couple of minutes looking at this, so I may have missed something.


    1. Thanks so much, LeeAnne, for being so quick on this! If there’s a “shopping component” to this, then it’s not what I’m interested in because I don’t want limitations like that, just what someone loads up for design features. I don’t think you’ll need to look any more for my curiosity at least. I’ll do a quick post update at the top of the post that you’ve looked into it so people can decide if they still want to download after they read your comment in case it influences them one way or the other. Many thanks again!


  2. i downloaded covet and love it and play it every day its a fun game to play when bored or just something to relax, also i love how they always have new outfits, its the best dress up game available. i only wish they would let you search the wardrobe with keywords in a search bar.


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