Retreats are the Latest Thing

This Fibre Arts Festival is over for this year, but doesn’t it look amazing? JE went, and had a great time. I’ve signed up for their newsletter so I’ll be informed. 

Now of course, we will be having our own retreat this spring. Info to be posted any moment. Question for you’all. We are planning on 3 1/2 days of sewing/what have you. We start on Thursday morning (arriving April 23 Wednesday night) and leave Sunday afternoon. Should we back up a day to Tuesday night arrival so there would be 4 1/2 days of sewing? If you have an opinion, let me know. 


2 thoughts on “Retreats are the Latest Thing”

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Like Sheila, I would like to know the cost and also the site of the retreat. Is it somewhere I can walk on the beach or through the woods or go to the spa in breaks from sitting at the sewing machine?
    Is there any possibility for folks to attend for a shorter time, say from noon or after work on Friday until Sunday? Just a thought for people who are working and may not have extra vacation days for this retreat.
    Maybe a shorter retreat would be a good plan for the very first retreat. If everyone has a wonderful stay and wants to extend it another time, retreat #2 could be longer.


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