101 Things I Learned in Fashion School.

After our last Guild meeting, I ventured yet again to New York. While there, I took some time to focus on fashion rather than fabrics. I ventured into a huge Barnes & Nobles store at Union Square and looked through their good sized fashion section to find some books I thought would be good to look into more later. We could get a lot of them in Canada so there was no need to fill my baggage with them, but it really helps to look through books in person rather than online to know not only what was available, but what was in each one to see if it might really be of interest. That’s the thing I love about American book stores. They have so many books we just don’t show or carry in Canada! And how is one really supposed to know what one can get if one doesn’t know it exists?

I’ll write more on many of those books in the near future. However, here’s the one I did buy for practical value to an untrained person like me, and because it was cheap enough I didn’t mind getting it at the undiscounted US price compared to discounted Canadian price. Kind of like a small fee for having it as reading material at the airport sort of thing, rather than waiting a week after I get home to get it shipped.

I liked it, but considering we’re a Sewing Guild and not a Fashion Guild, I’m not sure I’d recommend it for our library. Still, considering we make garments, a good fundamental fashion knowledge isn’t a bad thing.

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