Repent Ye Sinners!

I have a confession to make. I occasionally sew over pins. However, I have enrolled in the 12 step program and this is one of my steps. 

I was proceeding slowly, as I do when pins are involved. In fact, my speed was such I could see it happen like one of those horror movies in slow motion. The needle hit the pin and it folded perfectly in the middle. No matter how much you figure the needle should roll politely and safely to one side, it just doesn’t happen with any reliability.

Now the needle is no longer sharp, your pin is bent, fabric may be pulled into the hole of doom – but the real problem is not visible yet. I pull out my bobbin and there it is. A picky nicky on the actual bobbin! Now I don’t know if it’s the bobbin nick or the bent needle, but I can tell you from experience your machine timing goes next. It’s a slippery slope of doom from here.

Repent before it’s too late!


* picky nicky – rough spot where the needle or pin hit the bobbin. It catches on things now. Trash it. 


One thought on “Repent Ye Sinners!”

  1. I am repenting, repenting, repenting!!!!! But in my favour (hear me Sewing God) I did not know the pin was there as it was buried on the underside.


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