Back in May, I showed Guild members a red hooded mask I made for a superhero costume. Problem was, I didn’t have the decorations on it for the finished look, nor did I have the rest of the body suit to the costume. It looked like a red executioner’s hood, frankly! And for sports, I put it on for a photo in our Guild newsletter… which shall remain there cause I only looked like I was up to no good! Well, I wanted to assure you that hooded mask was put to good use, not bad deeds! 🙂

I had hoped to run a race in that Flash cosplay. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan the zipper situation right so it would have chafed and carved out a hole in my neck if it did. So the outfit was ill-fated to be nothing despite all the hard work put in. It was hard work, too, cause it had to be lined! You see, I had to use the wrong side of a curdoroy knit to get the right colour, but if I were to run in it, the corduroy would have taken off my skin, so I had another knit underneath. Then there was the yellow and white decorations!

Fortunately, one thing that has consistently worked out well in my life has been that failures have always found their value to soften the blow. As it turned out, for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) 2013, participants needed a photo of the Flash with a particle accelerator for one item. Certainly, the particle accelerator, and access to it, was the far more difficult thing to find than the Flash, but Shirley J. in Halifax knew we had one in town at the Victoria General Hospital. She got access to it and went looking for a Flash in Hal-Con, our local convention for sci-fi, comics, anime, steampunks and various other things. I am a member of their Facebook page and the connection was made.

So rather than just a race for a selfish publicity stunt, my Flash costume turned out to have gained this participant some major points for GISHWHES 2013! It also got her daughter a picture with the Flash, which made her happy.

Now, while that outcome was nothing like I had planned, if you were to have asked me before it all happened which outcome I’d rather have the suit useful for if I could only had one, I’d definitely have chosen the latter! It’s nice when life turns out that way, isn’t it? That’s how I know Fate’s got my back in life, though that doesn’t mean I go taking ridiculous and unnecessary risks!

I DEFINITELY do NOT take Fate for granted! 🙂

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