Spotted today at the VV in Dartmouth. A bit over priced in my mind, but it looks complete.

ImageAlso, are those shoe lasts? Now, don’t we have some shoe makers out there?



I also scored some heavy weight linen and a crocheted bedspread. Yum! Wanted to smack the lady with the NS maple basket and make a run for it, but I had a feeling she could take me. She confirmed this when I complemented her on the find. She knew what she had, so I felt a bit better.

One thought on “Lookie Lookie!

  1. A $70 used serger is a bit overpriced? Is it really bad quality? I may need to make my own shoes after I redo the wardrobe and see my shoes are all not worthy of the outfits! I get the feeling I’m going to have to do everything myself eventually!

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