Challenge Help – Sewing with Knit Fabric Videos

In the Easy-Peasy Challenge, you have the choice of two main patterns (McCall’s 6247 and McCall’s 5890), both designed for knits. In case you haven’t sewn much with knits and/or would like some how-to hints, the following videos may helpful.

From Jalie Patterns comes this great video on how to sew knits with a sewing machine (no serger!): Sewing Stretch Fabrics

Lori, ASG’s fabulous secretary, put the link to these two Nancy Zieman videos in our minutes, but I thought it might be handy to include them here, as well: Sew Knits with Confidence Part 1, and Part 2

Nancy Zieman has another bit on sewing knits in this segment: Sewing A – Z, Part 2

Hope this helps!



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