The Easy-Peasy Challenge

Have you ever thought it would be fun to participate in an ASG Sewing Challenge, but were afraid it might be too hard? Then this is the one for you – The Easy-Peasy Challenge!

Easy-peasy is both the name and the motto of this challenge, and easy-peasy it is. You have two easy “lifestyle” patterns (meaning many garments in one envelope) to chose from and an easy material to work with – t-shirt knits.

The patterns are McCall’s 6247 and McCall’s 5890. Both patterns, designed for knits, are part of Nancy Zieman’s 10/20/30 Minutes to Sew collection. In the sewing instructions, Nancy Z breaks down garment construction into small bits that take only a few minutes to sew (ie 10 minutes to sew the shoulder seams). Even if you only get little snippets of time at the sewing machine, you can complete these garments – they’re that easy!

McCall’s 6247 is a basic pattern for knits. It includes a v-neck, tunic-length top that can be made sleeveless or with sleeves. As well, the pattern includes easy to sew (and wear!)  pull on pants and skirt. The long flowing jacket has an inseam button closure which makes it an easy-peasy buttonhole to sew. Note: On Pattern Review, members who’ve used this pattern advise the button band on the jacket is 3.5” too short. Either lengthen the band or shorten the jacket (it is quite long) to correct this error.

McCall’s 5890 features a cut-on cap sleeve dress/top, with princess seams for a more fitted look. Also included are capri/full length pants. As well, there is a shawl collar jacket that can be made with long or short sleeves. Note: On Pattern Review, members who’ve sewn the jacket note that both sides of the fabric are visible so chose your fabric carefully with that in mind.

Onto the rules and you’ll find they’re just as easy-peasy.

Rules of the Contest

  1. Sew one garment. Over-achievers are welcome to sew (and present) more than one garment. But one garment is all that is required.
  2. Present it at the October 2013 meeting.
  3. The garment may be made for you or someone else.
  4. You may alter the pattern for fit.
  5. You may alter the pattern for design. (ie – add seams where none exist, lengthen or shorten the garment drastically, chop off or add elements.)
  6. The garments are not being judged. No prizes or ranking will be awarded. So have fun.
  7. Since there isn’t any judging, we can loosen the rules slightly. You may substitute another pattern. To follow in the spirit of the challenge, the substitute pattern should be designed for knits. The contest’s basic pattern includes a pull on waist for pants/skirt, a plain t-shirt type top, and an easy jacket. The contest’s fitted pattern features princess seaming for the top. (Why are other patterns allowed in the contest? Some of our members are men and may prefer to sew with men’s patterns. Some of our members don’t fit easily into Big 4 patterns (Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue, Simplicity) and would prefer to use a different basic pattern as their starting point. The idea behind this challenge is to have fun sewing, and I’d hate for anyone to be bogged down by fitting when a better pattern option existed. After all, this is the Easy-Peasy Challenge!)

That’s pretty much it! The patterns are so quick and easy to sew my hope is that everyone will participate in this challenge. (I’m an optimist.) If you run into difficulty, with either fitting or sewing, please ask for help. I would be delighted to help you with this challenge. I  mean it – just ask.



One thought on “The Easy-Peasy Challenge”

  1. I look forward to seeing them all in October! Here’s hoping many give one of them a try. With so many knits we don’t even have to finish the edges – which seems to be a fashion at the moment.
    I’m going to do the #5890 & see how difficult I can make it for myself.
    Thanks for the try-on of your dress the other day – it’s good to get a feel for the fit (or the not-fit as it happens.)


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