Celebrate Spring!

First, I signed up for the corset class at NSCAD. Nothing like a corset to get the girl perked up for spring! Or is that girls? One or both I’m sure. A class is natural dying is also offered. Check here for classes. 

NSCC has a class in fashion illustration.  Might improve my stick woman,  or not. Some things just can’t be improved upon.

Atlantic Fabrics has new classes out. I think I saw Faye Gunther and pants mentioned. She is a great teacher.

Sew With Vision has a Notion Commotion on May 4th. I’ve pasted the info below. There are free gift certificates for those who bring a friend who hasn’t been there yet. I’m currently sewing circles with the circular attachment and dreaming of little evening bags. Soon as I get that figured out I’ll bring one in.

We are very excited to have Pfaff educator, Rhoda Moore, with us on May 4th at 11am till 3pm. Rhoda has been to our Pfaff convention and has come home with so much to show and tell us that we decided to extend an invitation for you to come and see why we are so excited.
Rhoda will be highlighting the TOOLS OF THE TRADE. The will also be a trunk show to get your creative juices flowing.
Be sure to register by phoning 479 2482 or email us at the address below. The date is May 4th and the registration fee is $10.00.
There will be a $10.00 gift certificate for you for every friend you bring who has never been here before and  a $10.00 gift certificate for them as well

What other classes and events are out there?


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