The Great British Sewing Bee

Have you been watching this series? Cindy H put me onto it and I’m so glad she did! This show is much different than Project Runway – no “personal” conflicts, no interviews where they rip each other to shreds. The Great Sewing Bee focuses on sewing rather than designing (although I think the two are not as separate and distinct as that sounds) The contestants start with commercial patterns and work from there under a time constraint. I love seeing what they’ve creating and hearing the judge’s comments. My only complaint is I wish I saw more actual sewing.

In Canada, we can only watch via the internet. I’ve posted the links on my blog,

What do you think of the series? 


3 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing Bee”

  1. Absolutely loved the first 3 episodes which I happened to watch last night as there was a dearth of watchable items on TV last night. Like you I wished there was more sewing bits but on a plus there appears to be some supplements like applying a fly zipper. I really liked the emphasis on the correct way to make trousers including the woman who put the zipper on the wrong side. I did wonder though at the host who asked her if she was sure it was on the right side then told her that women’s pants fly zippers were reversed to men. She was wearing a man’s style pant and consequently switched it only to end up wrong. The host appears not to know very much about sewing which made the comment seem out of left field. I also wondered about the 2 guys if they had supposedly reviewed thousands as to why they were selected. Their sewing skills weren’t that great which is not a recommendation for the thousands they reviewed. Is it like American Idol where they were selected for the novelty factor?


  2. I think the guys were picked for their gung-ho attitudes. I loved watching both Mark and Stuart create, although I have to agree with you that they weren’t great sewers.


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