Which Threads Get Used Most and Least on a Serger?

I use a serger on which I switch threads, usually for colour, far more often than I like. I’ve never kept track of which spool I put where but have finally noticed some are thinner than others on how much thread remains on them. I mostly do just the general 4 thread serging with upper and lower loopers, then left and right needles.

I don’t think the threads feed through at the same rate, seeing how some threads criss-cross on a serged seam, and some just go straight. Can someone please tell me which threads get used the most, down to which the least, on a serger? I’m going to start rotating thick and thin spools every time I need to change threads so I can go through spools more evenly.

Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Which Threads Get Used Most and Least on a Serger?”

  1. Have been pondering your serger question. I do not make active wear but i do use my serger for garment making or finishing. I buy 3 colours of thread if the inside on the garment won’t show: white ,black,and grey. I am lazy and usually do three thread serging. If I do 4 thread the left needle is the colour of the garment.
    In my experience it is always the loopers that use the most thread especially the lower looper.


  2. PS. Just to be clear I do not use all three colours(mentioned above) at once but all one colour depending on the fabric colour.


  3. Hi Minh,

    To answer your question, the looper threads are the ones that get used the most, while the needle threads the least.



  4. Thank you, Sheila and Josée. I’ll be sure to put the thickest remaining spools on the looper threads from now on. I’ve also been more efficient at switching in developing a system similar to Sheila’s out of frustration of having to switch often.


  5. Babylock sergers are a snap to thread. Love, love, love mine. I switch threads for every project because I like to coordinate the inside with the outside. I’ve even used regular thread to get a colour match.


  6. I’m not sure if you’ve ever found your answer in all these years or not lol but I came here hoping to find it as well!! Suddenly I looked at my machine and the color coded guide and instantly figured it out!!! The first (and I mean in order of threading) needle uses the most since it is the one that zigzags!!


      1. Half the fun in life, if not most, is experimenting to find out yourself, even if answers were already out there and in multiple places. 🙂


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