News From Lorna

I went today to check out the Atlantic Spinners and Weavers show at the Nova Scotia Archives’ Chase Gallery (corner of University Avenue and Robie Street).  You will remember that Fran Nowakowski mentioned it and had some flyers at our February meeting when she spoke about sewing with handwoven fabrics.   


This was a fantastic exhibit and there were items on display which were woven in traditional methods, with handspun and natural materials as well as some mixed-fibre pieces made from recycled materials.  I was fascinated with some of the combinations of fibres (such as cotton and linen or wool and rayon) and the result when they are washed and felted.  There was everything from woven lawnchairs to rugs, wall art pieces, clothing, home goods and a great deal of information on weaving methods, fibres and dyes.


I recommend it if you are in the area before March 30th.  A reminder that their hours are Monday to Friday 11:30 to 2:30pm and Saturdays from 10 to 4pm



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