The Power of the Internet

I bought a ButterwickMcCallsVogue membership this year and have been dabbling with pattern purchases. There was a sale advertised and as it ended on Thursday, and it was Thursday, i put in an order. The price that came up was not at all the advertised sale price. I checked all the fine print and then decided to ask. I’m a woman. I can ask for directions. I emailed their customer service and asked. They got back to me right away and asked me to wait for about an hour while tech support updated the web site. It seems the techs had taken the sale down a day early. Obviously not sewers. So I checked back, and there were my sale prices waiting for me in my shopping bag. I love service like that! It pays to ask. 

Got a problem or don’t understand? Look for the Customer Service and ask. They may be so pleased you asked and hop right to a solution. They may come back and make you feel like an idiot. Then you take your Visa to another web site. And shop like there’s noooo tomorrow!


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