An Opportunity

I have long admired these dress forms and have just learned that they are discontinued!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Check them out here

But I can order the remaining stock in through Sew With Vision. There are (as of today) 4 large and 2 petite, with covers in most sizes (not in 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9). They are listed at $329 plus shipping ($50), but Bonnie at SWV will bring them in at $250 plus tax, no shipping! We will be placing an order very shortly or they may disappear. 

Then we can arrange a day to get together and fit the covers. The cover gets fitted to you like a sausage and then it compresses the foam of the manniquin to your shape. You can pin into it and even iron on it! You can also use more than 1 cover on a manniquin if you have multiple users that aren’t hugely different from each other. Think it over.

This offer brought to you because I want one! It’s always all about me!


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