Lace Bobbins

For those of us on the Chanel braid making class, I humbly post. I am not at all the authority on bobbin making. Not even in the right neighbourhood! But this is what I did, and they seem to be working for me so far.

As we are working with thick thread, I wanted a bit more thread room than my regular bobbins offer. Therefore I went with a 6″ lollipop stick. Do not buy cookie sticks – they are too fat. I used regular craft beads (also called pony beads) as the hole fits the stick. I found some large wooden beads to weight the bobbin and therefore avoided having to spangle the ends with the wire loop of beads. You could avoid the paper sleeve and large wooden bead if you simply piled on the pony beads for the handle and weight all in one.

ImageHere are the sticks.

ImageI use sticky white glue for the beads and paper glue for the paper sleeve.

ImageGlue on the end beads. If you are not using paper for the sleeve, just keep glueing beads on until you reach the thread part. The beads should not encourage the stick to roll around on the lace pillow. That would be bad.

ImageCut pretty paper about 20 cm long and the width you want to cover. Roll it around the stick and glue in place.

ImageAdd beads to define the thread and knot areas. Make that area bigger than you see on regular lace bobbins. You are done. They go quick, so finish up the bag while you are at it. If you use paper you may want to spray on some varnish to protect it from handling. Magazine paper or something with a finish will last longer. 

Here are links for making paper bobbins. The first is closest to mine, but you can figure out what to do.

Here are some other links on bobbin making for the frugal at heart.


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