Atlantic Sewing Guild Meets Seaspray Lace Guild

Membership is free at the lace guild! We meet once a month at someone’s home and make lace from 10 to 4 on the last Sunday of each month. Drop ins welcome! Lessons available.

After the braid class by Josee last week several people wanted to get in some supervised practice time.

By the way, I was late for that class (yes, I’ve done that before) and I walked into a room where you could hear a pin drop (even with the carpet). Heads were down over lace pillows and it was intense but going very well! It didn’t remind me at all of my first lace class. That event was more tears and pleading with the gods than this one. But I digress, again.

Off to Josee’s for the lace meeting went several sewing guild members. As a bonus, we got to see her stash. I cannot describe the stash adequately. How do you describe cotton, linens and wool from France? Obis and kimono fabric from Japan? It was to drool and die for! Plans were made for a midnight raid. Hopefully she sleeps soundly and that window opens quietly.

But here are some pictures of lace makers at work. Don’t we look impressive?

ImageVicki has her husband designing bobbins.ImageMargot can curse in several languages. I know. It happened during several of my classes. ImageSee the fabric sample Sheila is working towards?


So neat and tidy!



We can’t do this yet. Or ever!



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