So Much Free Candy!

In the last 24 hours I have been deluged with free patterns! It seems to be a wave of Valentine Day love. Let me share.

Hot Patterns has a purse organizer pattern for free, if you offer a bit of feedback. And then there is underwear! Lots and lots of panties! I’m wearing a new pair today and I must say, they are most cozy! This is a link to a wonderful pair of gathered panties I will try next. While kicking around these web sites I found more! It was like an Easter Panty hunt! Go to Burda Style and find the free pattern for Cheeky Panties. You will need to sign in for that. It’s a great site so go ahead. The Cheeky Panties creator put up her pattern in 1 size and another kind and capable soul came along and graded the pattern to a variety of sizes. What a lovely community we have! Then Zoe has panties and a camisole on her site! But lots of what I got came from Fehrtrade. It had lots of links and tutorials.

I often subscribe to blog updates when I think I see interesting stuff and good information. It’s easy to ‘unsubscribe’ if I decide differently later on. A good blogger often points you  to other great blogs. Like a chain letter, only you really do benefit.

Last night I got some great patterns and fabric – all of which is now washed and dried. Not the patterns.  I don’t pretreat them. I love looking at fabric after that prep. It takes on a different feel and you can now really start to plan. (I’m rubbing my hands together and my eyes are slightly glazed!) I may spread it out on the bed and roll around a bit. Hmmm…. Off I go!







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