Happy Asian New Year, everybody! It’s the Chinese year 4711, the year of the Snake. What’s in store? A few disasters, increased conflict, and more Gangnam Style, if you ask some people.

Actually, I think someone mistyped “and” instead of “because” above. And yes, I just did put Gangnam style on the Sewing Guild blog. Webmaster’s privilege. 😉

With the Year of the Snake lasting basically a year (Chinese calendar isn’t exact on 365 days), I’d like to propose a challenge to all the members.

Between now and some time in February next year, make a garment out of fake snake skin that you would actually wear.

Garment can be gloves, boot covers, hats, whatever, not necessarily shirt, pants, coats or such clothing. Making something you would actually wear makes the challenge all that funner cause you have to take into account your style, not just make something abstract. You also won’t be wasting a garment. It’ll probably spice up your wardrobe a bit, too! Please don’t use real snake skin unless you want to self-fulfill the conflict part of the prediction above with PETA. 🙂

When next February this is to be done doesn’t really matter. Let’s just try not to wait till 2014 at all. By that time, we’ll be looking onward to the horse and forgetting this challenge. The horse should be an interesting challenge if we keep the same theme. I was going to suggest this themed challenge last year, but it’s a little hard to find dragon skin, real or fake, for sewing, ya know? 🙂

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