While You’re Socked In

At Value Village today (with the MIL) we noticed a dress form in great shape ($19.99) and a full sized Q-snap quilt frame. They were still there when I left. Lots of bizarre fabric as well. I got a cotton I think is block printed. It’s currently soaking and oozing dye in the sink.

I found a new site you will love! http://bagntell.wordpress.com is a site full of purse patterns and tutorials. You need a bit of time to really browse all he has to offer.

I have the Chanel app on my phone and iPad. They just released  a video called Behind the Seams on the making of their last collection and it is worth the watch. You see fabric transforming with every hand stitch into something so amazing! I don’t know if the video is available elsewhere, but the app is free. Oh! It’s also here at http://fashionartdaily.blogspot.ca/2013/02/chanel-behind-seams.html#.URWgBqUZzS8

While storm stayed you can also clean out your sewing room so you have lots to bring to the Tuesday night sale. Bring your friends and all their money as well. 

If you are cleaning out your fabric and finds quilt cotton scraps that are about 5″ square or more, but too small to do anything with – consider making yo-yos. If you can’t consider that, bring them for me. Keeps me out of trouble while watching hockey games.

Somewhere (i think maybe Craftsy?) I saw that you can use a football tee (that thing you kick from) to hold your pressing ham in different positions. As always, when shopping with my MIL i find the most amazing things, and we found a football tee at Canadian Tire for $2! I think it’s a bit flimsy but it does work. See? And you can also see that my sewing room is in a dire straight. Again. And it was soooo nice getting it there!



2 thoughts on “While You’re Socked In”

  1. Hmmm the football tee is interesting.One of our members-Diana Hayden demonstrated the use of a loaf pan and a tea towel to anchor the ham in any position. i use this method all the time. Wrap the towel around whatever part of the ham you are not using and anchor it in the loaf pan. Works really well!


  2. And thanks to Nancy I got over the VV quick quick & finally got myself an adjustable mannequin. I will have a naming & a christening soon.


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