Stash Busting Sew-a-Long

While catching up on my blog reading (because I should have been doing something else) I came across Cation Design’s stash busting sewalong.  Her rules are flexible; i.e. you can write your own.   So I did – will you join us?

For me this all started in November 2012.    We had to empty the sewing/storage/guest room as the landlord was doing some repairs.   When we moved everything out of the room, I realized that it is not a sewing/storage/guestroom at all, but rather a SEWING room with some storage and occasional guests.   We need the room to be less sewing and more storage.

When I put things back into the room I sorted the fabric by function, as opposed to its previous no order: pants; tshirts; blouses; remnants & scraps; and why did I buy this?   The remnants and scraps are sorting themselves out into new bins: remnants & scraps; underwear projects; purse projects; possible quilting projects and the trash.

After I had everything sorted out, I realized there were some pieces I don’t want to sew.  The fabric was bought to go with something that has moved on.     Do I buy new fabric to go with the stash fabric when I am ready to sew it? or do I give it away.

After careful thought I decided to leave those pieces to the last to see if they could be made into a mini SWAP with some careful purchases.   I have also given myself permission to give one piece of fabric away for every piece of fabric I sew.

December 2012: I said I was going to sew the fabric in my stash this year- I wasn’t going to buy anything new (I said it last year too).  My stash isn’t that big, but we need the space.   My husband, who does the grocery shopping is often heard to say – ther was a really good buy on . . ., but we have no where to store it.

January 2013:  Not doing as well as I would have liked.  I bought some black fabric because I NEED new black shorts and while I was in Fabricville, a fabric I had seen and loved and didn’t buy several years ago, made it to the back wall, so of course I had to buy it.

To be realistic (I won’t sew it all in 2013) I am going to try to meet the following goals:

  • January, February, March – two items made from fabric from my stash each month
  • April – I am off to Utah for the month – will I buy fabric? probably 🙂
  • May, June, July, August, September, October – golf season and I work in the summer, so no sewing goals – anything I get done will be a bonus
  • November – two items made from fabric from my stash
  • December – one item made from fabric from my stash and plan for stash busting in 2014
Who else is stash busting when they would rather be stash building?  

Please leave a comment!

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