2 thoughts on “New Orleans Saints Designer Fleece Jacket

  1. Please tell me were to get the football fleece. Many fans in my life. Great job on the Saints jacket….my son’s team.

  2. Thanks, Barb. I need to provide an updated photo with the fleur-de-lis on the front black yokes that I was not able to figure out how to do at the time, and thought it would be a while before I can figure out something else.

    I got the fleece in Los Angeles. You can get it online from sites in the in the US, like

    However, it’s expensive, with shipping making it more expensive. You’re better off looking in person if you’re ever down in the US. I got it for $7.50 a yard! NFL licensed fleece for $7.50 a yard!

    Most of the fleece looks dorky or kiddie like, including the Denver Broncos one. That’s my team as Peyton Manning now plays there. Wait till you see what I did with that, though! 🙂

    I’ll be writing up how doing appliques can allow one to get around dorky fleece patterns to make nice garments.

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