Free Panties!

So I did try out the free pattern for Rosy Ladyshorts on the Cloth Habit site. They printed out perfectly and went together smoothly. All sizes print out but it’s easy to trace off what you need. I had panties in remarkably little time! I judged my fit with the given size chart and a pair of panties with a fit I like. The size chart works well. I did add a titch to the waist measurement as I seem to have more waist than expectations indicate. I also raised the sides an inch as I like the height of the current panties. There is a chart for elastic requirements and it also worked well. If you haven’t tried a PDF downloadable pattern, this would be a great one to start with. I went with a lovely leopard print. And you?

Now, there are a lot of free downloadable patterns out there. When you run into one, send us a link and a review. We’ll also start collecting freebie sites somewhere here on the blog. 


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